Ceelin® Plus Syrup

Maintains normal function of immune system

Ceelin® Plus Syrup provides children double protection against sickness with the powerful combination of Vitamin C and Zinc. It is the only brand made with ZincPlus® Technology that ensures the stable combination of these two ingredients so that kids get the full dose they need.TasteRite® is the world’s only non-flavour based Paediatric taste-Masking Patented Technology. TasteRite® utilizes a polymer system that prevents the interaction of the bad-tasting drug particles and the taste receptors on the tongue, resulting in a better tasting liquid medicine. This Polymer system rapidly releases the drug in the stomach, allowing the drug to rapidly dissolve for easy absorption. It is very useful in the prevention of Vitamin C and Zinc deficiencies.
Ceelin® Plus Syrup is recommend for children between 1 to 13 years.