Welcome to Bliss Pharmaceuticals
Bliss Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd is a BBE company with a 100 % black female ownership. The company was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from PZC Healthcare Resources, a private company providing registration and related services to local and international pharmaceutical companies. The directors and the management team are a group of seasoned professionals with diverse collective experience in both pharmaceutical and business fields.

Bliss is a generic pharmaceutical company and is active in the registration, distribution, sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals, as well as the distribution of nutraceuticals and medical supplies.

Bliss Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd is committed to providing services that will meet prescribed requirements and its customers' expectations. To meet this commitment, Bliss Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd will conform to applicable government regulations.

The quality of Bliss Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd services will be managed with the guidance of applicable government regulations, such as the Medicines and Substances Control Act (Act 101 of 1965), Pharmacy Act, and appropriate quality assurance standards, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

This manual defines the quality management system policies which have been developed and implemented by Bliss Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd.