Business Model
Bliss model revolves around manufacturing and/or distribution, sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and medical supplies by entering into strategic partnerships.

The business model is centred on managing operations of the company from administrative point of view whilst some operational activities related to manufacturing are outsourced. The company’s operating model is summarised.

The business model will ensure that the company is able to adapt to extended future value chains that incorporate the provision of early diagnosis with overall health management.

Bliss has positioned itself in the market to derive financial benefits from collaborations with companies that are focused on two distinct target markets:
(a) Mass market products for primary care
(b) Specialised markets for essential drugs

Bliss has entered into agreements with suppliers of high quality raw materials, semi-finished or finished products for manufacturing and/or distribution into the African market.

Bliss will act as either the local agent or owner of licensed rights to manufacture and distribute products in Africa